Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Click above to read Wendy's blog
Many thanks to Wendy Robertson for spotlighting excerpts
from my poetry chapbook on her blog
which offers a wonderful glimpse into a writer's life, thoughts and practices.
 I am currently enjoying Wendy's novel An Englishwoman in France,
 which transports the reader through the paranormal experiences
 of the young protagonist.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Stuck in the Snow

Church of St. Julian of Norwich, Norwich England, 14th century:
 almost completely destroyed by bombing in 1942. 

He came to plow us out
 ended up stuck in the snow
like me
Had to call for back-up
I paid him at the window
on the second floor
like Rapunzel
but my hair is short
and thin these days
The white envelope fluttered
as it fell
He said I should get out more
 no – I’m fine
I have only gone to church
more like
Julian of Norwich, the anchoress,
a recluse like me.