Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hidden Hollow Journal: March, 2012

Emily ~ through the looking glass

March 22
A Beginning

Shall I call it a record of my latest enterprise? The Journal entry for this date fails to acknowledge what grows more obvious each day, after six months into the venture; saying only that:
This Journal will follow the restoration of the old
Hidden Hollow Herbs, first started in 1982, thirty
years ago --- I amaze myself with those words!
But as I choose Journal excerpts to include in Knot-In-Line, I wonder in hind sight, whether amazement might not be an end in itself… sought after and desirable. Resisting the temptation to explore that idea now,  I realize as I type that I have let a jinni out of the bottle, one who will keep asking this question over my shoulder as I recreate the Journal.
 My mind is a jumble of plans, hopes, doubts. Balloons on
strings floating over my head needing to be gathered in and
tamed – framed in a work plan – a plan of action.
March 23
Official Business
I registered with the RI Dept. of Taxation, applied for
a sales tax permit and a Federal EIN#. HHH is an official
business again – on paper at least and in the wonderland
of my mind. I am hurtling down the rabbit hole…                                                    
March 24
Seed Starting
Emily and I planted "her" calendula seeds. 18 seeds in a small flat. I promised her that they will germinate by Thursday when she will be here again. We bought her "Dora" garden gloves yesterday - pink of course. My little companion, little muse, happy angel is my tiny partner in Hidden Hollow Herbs (not to forget Bill: the financier, the brawn and stabilizer, silent partner in all of Alice's schemes of life...)

Emily ~ a pocket-ful of posies and a  blue garden hat
September 5
Looking Backward: September-March
 Emily starts kindergarten on Thursday. I will miss her terribly. Having no schedule to keep to, I was able to do whatever she wanted. We had a real tea party on the last day she spent here, complete with the “goldies”  (as she called them) she clipped from the garden for a table centerpiece. These were the calendula grown from seeds she planted herself in March. She strode down to  the sunken garden with great purpose, still dressed in her PJ’s, carrying small scissors, pointing downward (as instructed). I’m sure she was tempted to lose herself trying to catch a grasshopper  or a butterfly but she came directly back to complete her table setting.

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April 12
Raised Beds in a Sunken Garden

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