Monday, October 24, 2011

Glass Boxes and Dovetails

Lee Friedlander, from America by Car
posted by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales

It was a Fine Furnishings show;
I don’t recall any glass.
What I remember is the parking garage,
the sprawling cement labyrinth,
floor and ceiling ahead, compressing,
sucking breath away -
and the passionate young man
seeking life in exquisite dovetails
tamed with sweat and tears of joy.

The joinery of past and future
on display in mirrored boxes
of jewels and shells,
of hindsight and foresight;
cement and satin – locked       
with reflections of latches,
lost passages, hatches
we might have missed along the way –
impossible connections.

Posted for
Magpie Tales #88
D'verse Poets
on Valentine's Day


  1. I like how the details here of a real event slowly become abstract and impressionistic. Also I too look for the dovetails. P. S. You might want to fix the formatting of your photo; the first time through I missed the first five words of your poem, squeezed in there at the left.
    My Magpie Tales this week is In Vince’s Car.

  2. Impossible connection we may never see, but they are there, wonderfully detailed umm tale...haha

  3. Cement and satin -- that's life, isn't it? :-)

  4. ooo you really make the words dance as you go along...your imagery in the second part is def on the surreal side, but i like...smiles.

  5. Wonderful! The final line is a superb end!

  6. Cement and satin - such a powerful line, great take on the prompt.

  7. Re-evaluating our options, every second of the day. ~Mary

  8. Ann, your Magpies never fail to impress!!

  9. Love the idea of impossible connections. Great words.

  10. Wonderful how you have expressed the different perspectives and images in the photo in words. WOnderful poem!

  11. Lovely juxtapositions and joineries.

  12. oh i love the way you connect seemingly inconnectable objects

  13. Life is all about dovetails, if you ask me...

  14. Nice write...this feels very much like a real memory...

  15. Craftsmen add magic to the items their hands fashion..

  16. Very nicely written, I enjoyed the wisdom.

  17. As always Ann, you manage to work a tapestry that stitches together image and language in an invisible seam, giving us color and visions. Beautiful capture, and translation, of an experience.

  18. cement and satin... this is very cool.. surreal and vivid

  19. Lots of wonderful lines that come together beautifully!

  20. smiles...i remember this one...happy OLN

  21. surreal, clever - an intriguing take on the Magpie prompt in particular ...

  22. I really like how this reads. Has a wonderful flow, twisting and turning with ease.

    The fact the words are excellent as well just sweetens the deal.

    Great work here.

  23. This is like a little Joseph Cornell magical box, filled bits and pieces joined in such harmony that they create an image you can't forget.

  24. The pairing of stanzas here of memory and its reliquary is perfect -- the parking garage of long ago and the mirrored box that contains what hopes were there (and should have been) -- is perfect. Fine work, Ann. - Brendan