Monday, October 31, 2011

Always Halloween

Posted by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales #89

The call was for me.
I heard her little voice
from across the room…
My “Hi Honey”, was met
with: “I need my Holly Hobby
socks, and my bat hat.”
I heard whispers in the background,
then: “Hi Grandma”. I laughed.
“I forgot my Holly Hobby socks - ‘member -
the ones with the red and white stripes,
(As if I could forget the Raggedy Ann socks)
and my bat hat.” (The black paper hat
she made at pre-school the other day.)

Her most oft-repeated pronouncement
these days is: “I’m not going to grow up.”
Who knows what she is thinking;
but it has taken me decades to learn
that, as much as I’d like to –
I can’t strip off the red and white
Raggedy Ann socks and the bat hat
I should only be allowed to wear on Halloween.
I try every day to coordinate the ensemble
on a keyboard – hide the truth with accessories.
Maybe Emily will grow up to be a writer …

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  1. haha go with what works, Raggedy Ann socks or not.

  2. I'm all for not growing up, too.♥

  3. We should all have an inner child. Excellent write.

  4. A nice touching piece, and I like how you use the socks to show how little things really change between the generations. In twenty more years, Emily's daughter will probably have her favourite pair of striped socks branded in some way we cannot imagine.
    My Magpie this week is Poet.

  5. Emily is so happy being a child that she doesn't intend to grow up - I think that's very special.

  6. ..a call of childhood and Raggedy Ann socks - and who would want to grow old already.? me never.. lol.. such a pleasure to read, thanks!(:

    Good day!


  7. An intriguing view of two childhoods . .

  8. smiles...nice contrast...i still refuse to grow day they will make me and it will be a very sad day...smiles.

  9. It reminds me of the day when my brother fell out of a tree and broke his arm. The bad part was that he was wearing his Superman T-shirt, with a bandana pinned on for a cape. Thanks for the memories of childhood.

  10. Raggedy Ann socks are worn by the very best muses! Nice read!

  11. excellent, love the repetition of the words socks and hat in this

  12. A lovely take on the prompt, Ann-- I love the detail and texture of this poem, and its poignant tone-- xxxxj thanks for stopping by. all best-- j

  13. I liked your take on this Magpie. I enjoyed reading this poem!

  14. Not growing up is a wonderful ambition.