Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Hill

Graphic design by Jinksy for In Tandem #12

One of those places

that lives in your mind

all year long,

Brigadoon or blue moon.

Door with the neon sign,


in case the theater burns

and you must turn

and run away

to another play,

a new island

in the sun - in the sea,

you and me,

to Blue Hill.

Posted for
In Tandem #12


  1. Brigadoon or blue moon - exactly so, Ann. A little imaginary paradise on earth.
    Thank you for taking another trip on the Tandem. ♥

  2. I enjoyed your clever use of words.

  3. beautiful ....we all have places we long to be thank you x

  4. Very true, everyone has a place they'd like to be, but then sometimes the grass is greener elsewhere and when one finds it, not so much.

  5. An interesting read, but I wondered whether "in case the theater burns" is very personal imagery?

  6. Doctor, I use "theater burns' as a metaphor for any place/situation one feels pressure to exit, physically or psychologically.Thanks for reading and your interest in my meaning.

  7. I enjoyed your poem and your comment on your meaning of 'theater burns.' Ah, yes, we all do need a mental our own "Blue Hill."

  8. I too have a few places that live in my mind throughout the year. Well put. ~Mary