Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Driving Home

cropped digital graphic - original by Jinksy
for In Tandem
Driving home in rain
words stepped out,
stood there in the road
confronting me.

You can’t talk to people -
only about the weather.

I pulled over.

Parked at the bridge
over the reservoir
where the long lane leads away,

I wrote.

Walker’s cemetery
on Central Pike,
raining lightly,

Alone on the road.

On the verge of lush green woods,
blinkers flashing ,
poison ivy climbing
trees near the gate
to the long grass-covered lane.
Yellow and black lines
snaking on the road
in the rear view mirror.
waiting for a car to pass.

A bird laughing,
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
What do you want?

I pulled away.

Heading home again,
Who made you?
Why did God make you?

I passed the cemetery.

I remember climbing the steps
that day,
finding the grave;
I copied the words on the stone,
kept them so long
in a drawer:
Sarah Walker
Age 21

I wonder

If she saw me back then,
if she sees me now -
if she’d like to talk.

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  1. Oo! I do like your blow up and crop! But I liked your original photo, too! Thanks for playing ♥

  2. That is beautiful writing! :-)

  3. Very speculative... I LOVE the first stanza!

  4. ...if she'd like to talk.

    Very nice way to end this sentimental piece...

  5. I love the first stanza too! And the idea that Sarah might like to talk - lovely poem - full of narrative possibilities too.