Thursday, August 18, 2011

Catching Feathers

Graphic design by Jinksy for Tandem #6
and from Margaret Bednar

The light of a linen white sun is dim
on the monochrome blue-gray sky and sea.
A pale gull dives, swoops and cries, soaring free,
as a feather drifts down – soft as a hymn.
Tides lick the sand-castle cones on the rim
of a shore where two little girls foresee
a princess world view with a guarantee -
diamonds and pearls evermore with a prince.

A sand crystal necklace swirls in their pail,
whirls in salt water, where old women see
dark tails of whales and dinosaur scales,
rocking and swaying in a sea of green tea.
Children reach up to catch feathers and smile,
as we hum a tune from a childhood dream.

Posted for

by Alias Jinksy
with Margaret Bednar this week.

Please click on the link above for In Tandem for inspiration from original graphic designs that free your imagination with a myriad of possible interpretations and ideas.
I am really enjoying these challenges!  


  1. Stirling work there Ann, to weave them both into one. Thank you so much for continuing to pedal! LOL ♥

  2. Wow! Brilliant work combining the two.

  3. Lovely, delicate touch. Soft as a hymn.

  4. Another well constructed poem, Ann,

  5. how very clever of you to combine the two!

  6. I love the way that you have combined two pictures diametrically opposed in style, yet fused a meaning onto both.

  7. Beautiful, so delicate and lyrical love soft as a hymn and cones on the rim

  8. Thanks to all for reading and leaving comments. I always enjoy the anticipation of seeing how other participants in Jinksy's Tandem have interpreted her drawings...never ceases to inspire.

    I listened to the beginning of the You Tube performance you posted and was enjoying it, when something came up and I had to leave off. I'll be back to hear the rest. Thanks so much for reading here.

    I am also tardy on listening to this month's Writing Game, which I love when I can settle in to listen.

  9. You really squeezed everything beautiful from both art works and arranged the words beautifully on the page. Amazingly talented you are.