Thursday, July 21, 2011

Once Upon a Time

Graphic by  Alias Jinksy
for her writing prompt "In Tandem"
Once upon a time,
I was a princess
in a royal tower,
in a room with a view
of Kensington Palace
in London’s Hyde Park.

My window looked down
into gardens - and guns
of the soldiers guarding
the Embassy of Israel,
steps away – an omen,
but a shadow ignored.

We delighted in antics
of magpies at breakfast,
strolled through the park
and the Tower of London,
rode red double-deckers
until news came from home.

A death in the family -
a terrible tragedy -
we got off the bus, cried long
on the sidewalk, not knowing
where we were, it didn’t matter;
we’d been hurled off the earth.

Time has passed,
sadness has softened -
brought hope of return -
to the west country,
to search for roots
from rooms over a quarry.

Posted for writing prompt
In Tandem


  1. You have captured homesickness with your words, Ann!

    I'm afraid my 'painting' was not influenced by anything more than my trying to understand how to use my new 'toy' to create a picture.

    But when I looked at it this morning, as if I'd never seen it before, I too felt a sadness that hadn't been there at its conception.

    Words and pictures are strange things...

    Thanks for playing yet again.♥

  2. My first thought when I saw Jinksy's picture was of pictures taken by spaceships and satellites. When I read Jinksy's poem to go with the picture, I grasped an infused sadness in her words. And as I was reading your beautiful poem and looking at the picture, the sadness suddenly sprang out of the picture.

  3. Very sad. I've read a couple of poems about space travel, a very funny one about Rapunzel, all based on the same painting, but yours must be based on a real experience. I'm sorry for your loss.

    And if it was a fragment of your imagination, you were very convincing ;-)

  4. A wonderful trip down memory lane.

  5. Yes, convincing if fiction and too sad if based in your life's experiences.

  6. A very poignant piece - time softens the edges of grief but the sadness remains.

  7. I really like your work. Poignant but not sentimental.

  8. A sad, lovely write... can't help but wonder if it might be a bit autobiographical.