Monday, June 6, 2011

No Point

Old Pencils
from @ Google Images

Even the pencil is dull, no point writing today.

A word put down wrong has no means of escape

from the page; the eraser is worn down, flat out.

It hasn’t said a word all winter, sitting on the sill

in the snow-light waiting for anybody to need it -

to jot down a measurement, a paint color,

a phone number, anything, before it gets

swept off the sill for the red geraniums,

the new roman shades, and bowls of seashells.

This poem is the first assignment in

God only knows how long – the first creation

in the new cellar room with a view.

Poem in Free Verse
One Stop Poetry


  1. I've never felt sorry for a pencil before;-)

  2. I feel like that so my writing is talking time off. Time to dust off the pencil! Nice first cellar write! look forward to reading more.

  3. i am glad the pencil got feels like a long lost friend...smiles.

  4. I think your pencil and my cobweb would have a lot to talk about. This is really neat, Ann, crisp and clean, yet full of all the delicate nuance you are so good at. I especially liked "...A word put down wrong has no means of escape
    /from the page.." Glad you linked in with us today and joined the free verse-a-thon-- thanks.

  5. I also like the line hedgewitch refers to above...glad you used your pencil today to come up with this!

  6. I particularly liked "it hasn't said a word all winter." Wonderful piece!

  7. Excellent - that's how I have felt lately trying to get my drawing pencils that I have neglected to work

    Thanks for sharing hope the pencils

  8. so much in pencils; I think they represent a lot for us, particularly as writers or artists. You use that motif adroitly here in free-verse mode

  9. you have incredible creativity.

    Quite impressive job.
    Check out our potetry potluck week 38 today,
    With Kavita/Olivia starring the show.
    First time participannts feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems in case you don’t have anything fitting our theme (inspired by a song).
    Come on it nOW.
    We love your talent!

  10. Sorry I'm late coming by.
    I thought this was well written with strong images while examining the tools we poets use and exploring those blocks we all experience. I'm pushing myself to keep writing lately as well. Thank you so much for linking. You certainly managed the form perfectly.