Tuesday, June 7, 2011

In Sync with Chaos

Enlarged portion of photo by Tess Kincaid
for Magpie Tale #68

Eyes of glass
shoot us – we are framed
in silver
or in gold
even tortoise shell,
posed on a mantle shelf.

They stalk us!
We stare at the glare,
drink laughter,
wisdom, life,
buy bargains from the devil,
sell our souls to pay.

They scope us
from the ocean depth,
the night sky;
read us tales from books in nooks,
sad enough for tears.

We cannot
look away – ignore
the glass eyes
charming us
like cobra
in a myth, watching us sway
in sync with chaos.

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  1. nice...souls sold, so easy bought to dance inrhythm with chaos...i like. happy one shot!

  2. glass eyes charming us like cobra ...wow!

  3. Oh, I liked this a lot!

    "...buy bargains from the devil,sell our souls to pay." - This is a great line, and I also liked that last stanza. Good stuff!

  4. I really like the blurred vision image and the poem that goes with it.

  5. excellent...so playful...I would love to send this to my eye doctor! (crediting you of course!!!!)

  6. The eye glass just sums it up
    Great write I tip my cup
    Really played on each word
    Leaving nothing blurred
    Enjoyed the read
    Through the words you lead

  7. Eyes of glass, watching us in our glass houses. Like this very much, extremely deft use of analogy and your always delicate but lush palette of words. You make them seem ubiquitous and menacing, yet somehow as much unavoidable as breathing air.

    (just a personal note Ann, my one shot is rather grim and bleak this time--you may wish to avoid it--it was one of those purging sort of writes.)

  8. I like the snake charmer angle!

  9. you've said it all in your poem...your words jump out and grab hold of the very thoughts they provoke..."they stalk us"...indeed 'they' do...

    each time i read your poem there were new visions, yet another way to interpret the message behind your vivid and brilliant use of words and images...

    and yet i see the world inside your poem and your talent is remarkable knowing you could incorporate so much in just one poem...

    a brilliant write,


  10. "watching us sway
    in sync with chaos"

    Fabulous ending to a very good write, Vb

  11. ...very clever...i like your approach with the so called chaos... thanks for taking time to visit my li'l page... and you're always more than welcome to come back anytime.(:

    Good day.


  12. I love the lines "stare at the glare" and "buy bargains from the devil."

  13. Unique & smart composition.

  14. I like the rhythm and the internal rhyming - a wonderful use of language.

  15. Liked your close-up of the photo and excellent writing.

  16. Ubiquitous, close-up, time stopped, macro, low light, and wide angle, synced with strobes and if we can't stop death, they've given us machines to stop time..where will the images go - expanding in an ever expanding universe. Well done. Subtle and precisely snapped word usage and imagery. Gay

  17. Ohhh,so good. We were sort of on the same wave length, sort of if u squint ur eyes.
    Great write. Loved it.

  18. Love what you did with both the poem and the eye! A blue-green spiral metaphor for life forms as we look at the night sky and the ocean--beautiful poetry, Ann!

  19. Thanks to all for your comments. The glass eye in Tess's prompt was hard to look at, although thank God for them for those people who unfortunately need a prosthetic eye, so I said no, can't handle the Magpie this week. But it nagged at me until the idea of all the glass eyes in our lives came up: cameras, TV, computers, periscopes, telescopes, E-book readers and the poem could stretch around the block--- and how we are stalked by them literally and metaphorically---and seduced into dancing to their tune. Some of you found even more, which had not occurred to me---the miracle of poetry!
    Speaking of seduction, I peeked in spite of your warning :-) You were right, I didn't get past the first verse. No offense to you, I know the poem must be brilliant as usual; witchy of you to know how squeamish I am :-)

    @ Tess, Thanks for these prompts. It is amazing to find that one can conjure up an idea based on anything at all. I find it such fun.

  20. Great write, Ann. Wonderful and playful opening line! Wow, I like what you did with the image, too.

  21. When I was first told that I had
    presbyopia I asked if it might be
    contagious. I guess it is, for
    accommodation grows more
    difficult for we boomers, and
    our inner lens will not happily
    plump into a convex cherub,
    so we must reach for Old Ben's
    bifocals, or snag a pretty pair
    of readers, or pay more for those
    progressive addition no-liners,
    and the glass eye pointed out
    today that our need to surf so
    much on these cyber pages makes
    augmenter optics even more

  22. Excellent Ann, excellent.

    Anna :o]

  23. This is stunning this prompt has inspired absolute brilliance and yours is certainly among my favorites

  24. Fabulous take on prompt-- a cascade of imagery. xxxj

  25. Striking word choices, good piece.