Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dancing Dolls

Photo by Chris Galford

The corn doll
cocks a deaf ear phone
to the sax,
his helmet
muting tones of the trade war
on the horizon.

Purple cloud
whispers prophecy.
Eyes of sun
hide in shade;
one hand flashing signs of peace-
holding up fair trade.

of corn, peace or war
never die;
they revolve
like the corn doll's swirling dance
in our ethanol.

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  1. I love the irony of the "eyes of sun/hide in shade"; and the story you tell. Creative take-- and another great piece!

    And, on a side note-- I was (pleasantly) surprised to see the shadorma -- as I was expecting "another tune" (can't wait to see your next tune, by the way!!)- smile. I'm still working on another shadorma, too, even though I, too, am captured by it but also want to move on to try other things. :)

  2. Poor Carrot, playing his heart out to deaf ears... now there is a cause to start! "Fair trade for saxophone players". There ain't many left in rock bands anymore or elswhere for that matter!

  3. "like the corn doll's swirling dance
    in our ethanol."

    Great lines in a creative take on the prompt, especially the angles of peace and unrest; corn and its "swirling dance" as energy. Wonderful use of uniting Shadorma stanzas.

  4. Wow - real poignant and creative take on the fair trade graffiti! Finely worded and crafted through the lines of distress and unrest; an energetic and haunting elegy (in effective shadorma form) for the world, I'd say...

  5. Ha - great commentary so skillful wove into this piece. Very clever and well presented.

  6. such an interesting piece. corn...deaf ear. eyes of sun...shades. really nice take on the graffiti'd image