Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Bell Tolls

Photo by Rob Hanson

I reach out
to hold you again;
feel your weight
in my arms,
leave my hand print in your dust,
hold you to my lips.

Your soft voice
whispers in my ear,
fades away.
Tolling bells
will not ring for thee again,
next will sound for me.

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  1. Perfectly captured fade to the whisper. Very nicely crafted shadorma with a powerful ending.

  2. This is lovely. The words almost take on a double-meaning in this. Strong reference to the phone, but most definitely about loss and longing.Very nicely done! I am not familiar with Shadorma, but will most definitely have to learn more about it!

  3. I love, absolutely love poems with double meanings and imagery. Very nice! And I think the Shadorma worked quite well here.

  4. You are a master of the Shadorma form, and it worked beautifully with the picture! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Amazing how so few words can convey such great loss. Oh, to have lost the connection. The perfect, mutual complementation... this image and your words.

  6. Excellent work. Love this form and ur use of words and emotion. Masterful.

  7. Wonderful use of the image and form in this. A powerful piece in a small package.

  8. i like the heft and feel of this

  9. Thanks to all for reading and commenting; I think I have now become addicted to comments --- do all of you feel that way as well?

    I do love the old telephones, the solid feel of the receiver and the way they fit so securely in one's hand. Yes, solid and secure, perhaps those are elusive qualities these days --- maybe there's another poem in that ---