Tuesday, May 10, 2011


High window,

 shadow in the glass,


branch of thorns

scratching a code of escape -

an old temptation.

A cart path

winding in lilacs,

open gate


oven bird haunting at dusk,

sunset glow on grass.


flowing in old stone,


shy dark ferns,

brushing at a window pane

whispering to me.

Poem posted for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry


  1. ha. excellent internal rhyme...love this...escape is more than an old temptation for me...thanks for getting me out for a bit...smiles.

  2. "sunset glow on grass" lovely. Not a wasted word in your stanzas, which convey many emotions through excellent use of imagery and the Shadorma form.

  3. Loved the lyrical tone and rich imagery in your poem.

  4. Ann, my Ann. You can write. It is so fresh and clear with uncluttered wanna be poet stuff. You're one of my favs. Another great write!

  5. This is beautiful escape....love the "memories flowing in old stone". Your shadorma is excellent, words fitting so perfectly! Love it.

  6. love the shy dark ferns whispering to you...hope you responded to their call...

  7. Love the rhythm in your no- rhyme (like mine) poetry
    Great ending,great meandering.
    Thanks for your visit, Ann.


  8. Sounds like it is ALL talking to you, gal. ;-)

  9. Excellent excellent shadormas, Ann. They read like the freest of free verse, lyrical and subtle. I especially liked the first, but I also like the linking flow and what they make as a unit.

  10. some strong imagery here and quite an atmospheric Narrative I felt. The jagged contours of a double shadorma seemed well-suited to your content. Not the easiest form to make play.


    Luke @ WordSalad

  11. Comments have disappeared!

    I wasn't able to sign into Blogger today, their message said the system was down. Now that it's back I realize that a few comments on "Escape" are missing. My apologies to the four people (I think it was four)whose comments have disappeared. I wonder if anyone else had the same problem?

  12. I love the style of this poem - emotion and description pared down to the essence and filled with associations and mood. This is what poetry should be. Each stanza is a masterpiece, but the second is my favourite.

    PS. I also lost comments on my blog home page, which made me very sad - some major glitch there!

  13. This poem so well expresses 'that feeling'. I need a holiday!

  14. I love the images this poem created! I could imagine warm scents in the air, blooms outside the window...someone waiting for someone to return.. someone being absorbed into the past while residing in the present... (siighhh)

    Very beautifully written!