Monday, May 16, 2011

Burnished and Bruised

Photo by Tess Kincaid for Magpie Tales
An old story, like pheasant under glass;
rich, succulent, tantalizing taste buds
on mahogany perch of high polish.
Foliage swirling, twining in fingers,
bold hands caressing faded gold letters
on the Bible’s old words with new meanings.

A feast in a fire-lit room full of sparks,
ticking clocks and old leather, burnished
and bruised; pressed together, forever in
indent of stars, stamped in gold, with a cross
sealed in a century, haunted and thrilled
by whispering chant and bells of descent.

Spring wakens, it harkens, rises to call
of the birds, so enticing, enchanting,
deceived by the song of a gamekeeper,
smothering hearts in her lady’s dark woods,
flushing the birds from a cover of gorse
to grow grace in the soul of their mistress.

Poem inspired by Tess Kincaid's photo prompt.
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Also posted for One Stop Poetry's
One Shot Wednesday
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  1. Rich and elegant. You captured a bit of Willow Manor here so beautifully. I was especially struck by "the Bible's old words with new meanings".

  2. So insightful. I like it. My magpie:

  3. your words sparkle and lit up a fire.
    well done.

  4. Words that flow beautifully. Some great lines, too.

  5. It sounds you love books the way i do!

  6. "mahogany perch of high polish"

    How succulent you made this sound! :)

  7. You are describing a room, a world, a way of life which all appeal to the craving for charm, elegance, good manners,peace many of us long for.

    The image you evoke is of an enviable situation.

  8. Such lavish detail and vivid imagery here... I really like the second verse.

  9. Elegant, elegiac and beautiful! xxj

  10. Wonderful imagery and so elegantly expressed - liked it very much.

  11. dang...enchanting verse and penned the line on descent...dont leave it under glass, lets eat...

  12. Old books are indeed a feast. I have enjoyed reading this week's Magpie feast
    You make the reader want to feel each tome

    thanks for sharing with One Shot as well

  13. I like the cadence, rhythms and the word selections were perfect. I love feasting on a good read. You fed me well.

  14. A very tactile and sensual take on the printed word, lush with adjectival abandon. A nice dance of ideas and themes as well.

  15. Exquisitely written Tess! I feel like you have condensed ten verses of poetry into three and they are pure bliss. Only a prolific and well seasoned writer could have penned such words. Thank you for sharing with us!

  16. this has such depth and richness. i feel like i've been to another time after reading it...

  17. Charming and elegant - a vivid and enthralling capture of literature for the senses - reading about the enchantment of a good read; most delightful. An eloquent take on the prompt you were given.

  18. Beautiful - I would love a room as described.

    Anna :o]

  19. excellent...a really enjoyable read..cheers pete

  20. i really like your word choices, and i can feel the love expressed for these simple pleasures that mean so much...

  21. a veritable word feast - lovely, elegant...

  22. An absolute perfect journey told. Your closing stanza is poetic brilliance! ~ Rose

  23. Thanks to all for taking time to read and comment. Think I got a bit carried away in this one and am already thinking of how it might be revised - which is a good thing since, after reading several older poems written months ago, what is wrong with them has become more clear. I've been blog cleaning and have removed a few pieces already. I also see now that poems written for picture promts should also be able to stand alone [perhaps a "Duh" to all of you out there :) ]

    So, all in all, it's fun to be a novice at my age. I'm learning a new craft and loving that, as well as your comments.