Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silent Tomb

This poem is posted for National Poetry Writing Month, 30 Poems in 30 Days
and for Monday One Stop Poetry Form's call for a "Shadorma".

Day 13

by Marietjie
from Featurepics

Silent tomb

in pale gray morning

sultry mist,

rusty grass,

spared from the mower’s scythe blade,

standing in silence.


  1. Ah few words always triggers thoughts and lingers deep .. I liked the poem , crisp and thought provoking !

  2. Inkdrops, Thanks for visiting and your kind words.

  3. I have seen those, so unexpected. One wonders what the "inhabitant" is thinking. "spared from the scythe blade"--shivery. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful take on the form. Such power held within only a few words. Striking piece.

    Thank you also for visitting at my place. Always nice to hear from those who stop by.

  5. How well the Shadorma fitted this subject...