Monday, April 11, 2011


Photo by Tess Kincaid for
Magpie Tales 61

My glass of wine rests nearly empty,

asking questions as before.

One guest remains,

silent in the shadows,

to lend excuse to pour a little more.

I’m alone.

The old reflections, in my

remnant of burgundy, slipped in,

as I looked across the years

at the flowers in your hair,

felt the rat-a-tat of far off fire,

and angels watching over me.

Enough wine,


Posted for Tess Kincaid's Magpie Tales 61


  1. 'One guest remains, silent in the shadows, to lend excuse to pour a little more. I am alone.'
    Great lines capturing far too many nights when wine might taste divine. I admire your take on the prompt! Strong words, well done.

  2. What a stunning juxtaposition of contrasting images -flowers in your hair/the rat-a-tat of far off fire/angels watching over me.
    And we all recognise the sentiment in your last lines - enough wine, goodnight! You're a fine, fine writer.

  3. What a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece. Thanks for a good read.

  4. This seems to be a sad poem, full of memories and resignation.

  5. Socks, Words, Mary and Friko,
    I can't tell you how much I appreciate your kind comments. Thanks so much for visiting.

  6. I love the sentiment in this post.


  7. There's a great sense of presence in this. I really liked it.

  8. is it the rat-a-tat of love firing?

  9. Lisa, Martin and Isabel, thank you for visiting and taking time to comment.Not always sure where ideas come from, this prompt was evocative. Thanks due to Tess for her prompts---

  10. Wonderful dreamy images of love and war. Beautiful.

  11. You have written beautifully of images of Viet Nam, the flowers we wore in our hair, the skirts we wore that swept the ground .. of our husbands far away .. of the horror they still recall. This is a precious Magpie and I have tears in my eyes.

  12. Thank you for reading Helen. I cry too over some of these memories I have begun to write about. I'm not the huggy type but I offer you a hug today.

  13. Such a rich bouquet within the bodice
    of this piece; war, violence--real or
    broadcasted, a woman in the mist,
    a daughter, a sister with flowers in
    her hair, and but by the grace of
    angels you would be with. So much,
    so many twists, turns, and tales;
    fine poetics.

  14. Very powerful, thought-provoking. The last 2 lines spoke volumes to me.

  15. A very gentle/sad piece, full of memories. So well written.

  16. Poignant and powerful. Lovely work.

  17. You know - I could almost hear that rat-a-tat. Blessed little poem.

  18. Glenn, Andy, Marilyn, Tumblewords and Lena,
    Thanks to all for reading and taking time to leave a few words. It is quite a new experience for me to know that I'm not always talking to myself:-)

  19. I enjoyed this spot of nostalgia...

  20. oh, this was hauntingly beautiful! nostalgia gets so much out of us!

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