Monday, April 11, 2011

A Place Apart

This poem is written for the prompt, offered by the National Poetry Writing Month's 30 Poems in 30 Days, to write a poem of one sentence over forty lines. This poem is created from an essay I wrote in 2007,
"A Study in Contrasts".

Day 11

Silent as a tomb

this pale gray morning

---sultry mist suspended

over the tall rusty grass,


from the mower’s blade

this year - left

within stern gray walls,


by elegant dark pines

standing in silence,

anticipating; waiting

for an artist, perhaps,

who might interpret

the subtle color contrasts

to communicate

the pure perfection

of these common

landscape elements

this morning,

on this date,

at this moment,

barely past dawn;

or a gifted novelist

able to construct

a haunting tale

within the scene;

but I - I am only

humbly thankful

for this beauty,

and the collective imagination

that has, so far,

kept Foster a place apart;

yet, a vague and haunting guilt

clouds the joy of life

so removed from pressing problems

of the teeming cities --- a bit like

the mist suspended

above the rusty grasses

of the field at dawn.


  1. I like the mood you've created in this piece. It's amazing that such a long sentence can be so clear.

  2. Thank you Jim. I think it is because I started out with the essay I mentioned --- made it easier.

  3. attitude is the key,
    you cool ...
    beautifully conveyed emotions.

    share 1 to 3 poems with us today.