Friday, April 8, 2011



Cell upbeats me with a gun tune,

Laughing out loud I sigh in disbelief;

See the salt and pepper hair,

Tough stubble-beard,

Courage, tenacity, energy.

Aquamarine eyes that swallow.

“Leave a message!”

I’ll wait, give you a chance -

Benefit of my creeping doubt.

You’re a warrior in daily battle

With Earth, Fire, Water and

Stifling Air of public opinion.

Lead us out of this swamp

of accusation! Raise a banner

of integrity!

I’ll call back.

This poem was written for Day 7 of
National Poetry Writing Month


  1. A hoot followed by a weary sigh ... Comedy is such low human stuff, and the funniest folks are also awful people. Not sure if "Council" relates to someone in your local politics, but I certainly know the type...I soon will sit on a city committee to deal with changes to the city charter's list of districts following the new census results: Have to polish up my official visage, no peeking out of the poetry peckerwad in that forum... The public debate is so ridden with helmetheads ... Did you know that the Tea-Party-styled manager of Parks and Rec in the TV show of the same name has a gunshot ringtone that scares the shit out of everyone around him when he gets a call? Maybe its a Red State archetype. - Brendan

  2. Well, Brendan,I live in a digital divide here, no TV, never seen Parks and Rec --- that makes me a helmethead in a sense, I'm afraid.

    Yes, the poem is an oblique attempt to "council" a local councilman who is being mercilessly beat up in our small regional newspaper. Mean spirits "voice over" like vultures stalking carrion --- I long for civility and sincere, respectful debate. The prompt at NaPoWriMo gave this Pollyanna an opening to shake my pen at the pols from behind my window.

    You'll be an asset to the city districting committee. Take along your most patient muse.