Monday, April 18, 2011


 This poem is posted for National Poetry Writing Month,
30 Poems in 30 Days
Call for a Sonnet:
Day 14

Cremona Torrazzo Interno 02 Scala a Chiocciola
by Sailko -Wikipedia Commons

Below the stairs, what tale is there to tell?
Whispers form in steam of truth and fiction,
Cloud the glass of my imagination.
Voices of oil and lye simmer to a swell,
Emancipating stains. A trial to dispel
The rumors - terror tales – contradiction:
Alchemy of silence in confession.
A priestess pressed by mangle in her cell.

I feel I am waiting for the picture
To crystallize a focus, fog to clear;
Praying on a keyboard for her story,
Reaching out to tap her, gently capture
Secrets kept in mystery down the years.

They're there - downstairs - within his scullery.


  1. Hi Ann

    Thirty poems in thirty days - a real challenge! Some great writing - we'll be spoilt for choice for the radio prog.

    I love the writing image of 'praying on a keyboard for her story..' and what a great picture of the Laundress. I think pictures can often inspire character for novel writers

  2. Yes, Avril, too big a challenge at this point, It's Day 19 and I'm at 14. Had a 90th birthday party to give so that took precedence for a few days. Thanks for visiting.

  3. I would find writing a poem every day extremely hard; I don't actually think it's possible, unless you have a goodly number already tucked away somewhere.

    You've done very well, but surely it has taken a little time? It doesn't read like a quickly scribbled effort.

  4. Enigmatic and wonderful. Is this piece linked to your novel? I do hope your keyboard prayers are answered.

  5. Friko,
    Yes I spent some time on the poem but I did use a prose piece I posted in The English Laundress as the base. Funny that I whipped out the prose, which I am more satisfied with. Thanks for reading.

  6. Tess,
    Yes, a rewrite of a prose post on the novel site.Thanks for visiting.