Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I wait alone, for someone to appear;
For footsteps of intruders to come near,
Woods draw close within my hidden hollow,
Windows keep a watch above the hedgerow.

I fear no harm except in darkest hours
When screams cry out; a predator - an owl.
My door is always locked; it’s rarely open.
Vigilance has kept my lock unbroken.

I lead a hermit’s life, in love with silence.
I never wish for voice of occupants,
Or more than bird song or the busy squirrel
To frolic in the fields - our only world.

The old, old sign, ‘For Sale’, is wound in vines;
No one has come to see me for sometime.
My friend, a harbor bell at my back door,
Rings low to me when winds blow from the shore.

Achingly, the dream lives in my heart
That I will someday find this hidden spot;
The fields, the bell, the birds in cheerful song.
It’s where I live today - where I belong.

Posted for One Stop Poetry's
One Shot Wednesday
Day 24
Prompt: Autobiographical poem.


  1. This is beautiful...the solitude whispers...peacefully

  2. This flows beautifully from beginning to end. The rhymes are so eloquent, and the words put the reader right into the narrator's shoes. I absolutely loved it!

  3. Great poem, Ann - you set us up perfectly with all the complements of the solitary life, then turn it upside down at the end by telling us some day you'll live there. The inner life I'll venture is the scene of this outer one, which doesn't need the environs to be true. - Brendan

  4. Quite the enjoyable work. An interesting portrait painted, if indeed a touch of the autobiographical - peaceful, in its way, this longing for the silence; I can picture a beautiful place out in nature myself, away from it all...though I do think it would grow lonely, from time to time.

    Good work with rhyme and near-rhyme...the only spot I tripped up was in the second stanza, "hours" and "owls" - I know you were going for that "ow" sound, but the "l" just doesn't make a nice parallel to the "r" in my opinion. But that's just me. I do like the lines themselves, though, on their own merits, and as I said, I thoroughly enjoyed the piece at large!

  5. There is a genuine self-honesty conveyed by the speaker. "My door is always locked; it’s rarely Great lines, of many, to a wonderful poem.

  6. sorry. "open" was cut off in my comment.

  7. I like the almost melancholy air to this, and I think the imperfect rhymes add something to the piece rather than take away. Nice twist at the end!

  8. sounds like a beautiful place...i can just hear that bell toll in the wind...

  9. When everything is crazy, I too long for a similar haven. :D

  10. Many thanks to all:
    @ ayala, whispers would fit, thanks.
    @ K, thanks so much, glad you liked the rhymes.
    @ Brendan, thanks for the praise. The poem is autobio. re silence, a place apart and my nearly lifelong wish for a secluded antique house, always chasing for sale signs.
    @ cianphelan, I much appreciate your comments. I only chose hours in lieu of towers, bowers or other syrupy words; worked on the sentence for a while but couldn't come up with anything better. I'll revisit though.
    @ dustus, Thanks for commenting. Yes, you're right, I'm pretty bad at small talk, too serious for most people.
    @ siubhan, Thanks. Perhaps almost melancholy - I wonder if melancholy and joy can walk hand in hand?
    @ Brian, Thanks. I love the Chatam harbor bell that hangs by my porch door. Close your eyes and you're by the misty sea instead of pine woods.
    @ Matt, Thanks for commenting. I live in the country, kids grown, no job, occasional craziness of family parties but that's all now.

  11. This poem really drew me in and kept me reading till the end.

    I wanted to be living in that house by the wood :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  12. You honest and voice ring truth throughout the piece.

  13. love with silence...

    ...I like this line...captivating picture your words paint.

  14. Lovely, sad, hopeful and resigned to live it in your heart. Hope is better than no hope, but a warm body is nicer!
    My darling IXL suffered a home invasion last week when a thief came through the unlatched back door and, if she had looked, she would have seen him (we presume it was a him) steal her purse and computer!
    He also stole her feeling of security and that is worse.

  15. explores well a yearning for solitude

  16. An excellent poem, classic and ringing with the power of form without its constraining exoskeleton. The ear enjoys almost viscerally the ending couplets in each stanza. Just a beautiful evocation of place. Fine writing, Ann.

  17. Thank you all for reading and leaving your thoughts:
    @ Linnet - we need our dreams, they hold the hand of hope.
    @ Honeyhaiku- my honesty sometimes ricochets as well:-)
    @ Dasuntoucha - my favorite line too, though it sounds odd for me to say I suppose:-)
    @ Stafford Ray - Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the home invasion; I'd be a wreck!
    My poor husband is very indulgent about my old house obsession. The house above actually is for sale on 12 ac in Little Compton, RI.
    @ John- thanks so much.
    @ Joy - I am always so happy to read your generous comments, here and on all the blogs I visit where I notice your name.

  18. I think creativity needs a quite place to blossom, but I'd like my door to remain open at the same time!

    "I fear no harm except in darkest hours" I found this a very moving statement, as if wings of hovering fear broke your silence...

  19. Pen,
    My immediate reaction to your comment was befuddlement because I thought I was merely recording facts: there are Fisher Cats here that let out screams like someone being murdered right outside our door and of course screech owls in the woods; but our subconscious or at least buried/hurtful thoughts have a way of surfacing in these feeble attempts at poetry.

  20. All of our writings bear the imprint of our inner being, whether we recognise it or not! It comes with reading between the lines... LOL xx

  21. I think it's wonderful to have a dream... to keep that dream alive and hopeful in the heart, and to dream of a place like this is soothing and restful. This is such a beautiful poem... it makes me a little sad because of the loneliness of the place, but also hopeful, because solitude and nature offer a beauty that cannot be found in the noise. I loved this.