Monday, March 21, 2011

Who’s There

Suspense in my window, an empty scene,

Nothing in the foreground, all just landscape.

Field, forest, all potential to reshape

My canvas - focus on a new Christine*.

To say that joys and sorrows will convene;

Sketch an outline, choose colors of escape

Or seal my confinement in black crepe,

Speaks of today - tomorrow unforeseen.

Soft-lipped brush begins to emerge, to grow,

To sprout from secret seeds in old soil,

Graced by sun, watered with tears of gray skies.

Bruises of lies now cast a pale shadow

On a palette purged of long-past turmoil.

Landscape serene - its emptiness denies.

* Reference to Andrew Wyeth's painting,
"Christina's World"


  1. This is lovely, Ann. I knew right away you were referring to Andrew Wyeth's painting. He and his father are among my favorites. Is this your piece? It's wonderful.

  2. Thanks Tess. Yes I am now awake at this hour figuring how to revise it. Something is wrong.

    I am very happy that your "Patina" has been published. I am really looking forward to reading it.