Thursday, March 31, 2011

Old School Privy

"Wood School", Foster, RI

I don’t know why it stands steadfastly there;
That old school privy leaning toward the ground.
So many decades lived without despair.

It saw the one room school commence to flare
‘Til sparking ashes made the only sound.
Curious how it stands steadfastly there.

Foundation stones do silently declare
A hopefullness that interest might rebound
In simple lives - well-lived - without despair.

For sixty years no effort to repair
The outhouse, wrapped in vines so tightly wound,
Yet faithfully it stands steadfastly there.

A few old scholars, weathered gray, still care
For golden rules, hope values will be found,
So they again may live without despair.

Passing years blare talk of yet more warfare!
To privy ears the fear cannot be drowned -
Why is it that I wait steadfastly here -
Few decades left to live without despair.


  1. Another perfectly tied Knot in Line ... Multiple readings offer the slow work of maturity, the hope that first lessons may be enduringly taught, the wasteland surrounding Poetry (the soul's outhouse, oh my), for which the Word can still bulwark Despair. And the vigil of the speaker there, devout in all the early lessons which taught us that every good act, teaching, poem bears fruit in another, lessons worth repeating because without 'em its just a lonely crapper in the woods. Five carved moons on the outhouse door which remains. -- Brendan

  2. I really appreciate your well-crafted poem. It seems that very few people these days bother with poetry as craft. Brendan's comment is remarkable, too. I found the change of rhythm/rhyme pattern at the end a bit disconcerting, but I'm confident that you planned it that way. I look forward to reading more of your poems.