Saturday, February 5, 2011


Witch's hat chandelier has moved to a new home.
Below is an email received yesterday. It occured to me that there might be a future poem in it somewhere. 

To: Ann
From: Claire
Subject: Light

Hi Ann,

I hope you are enjoying this weather and the snow. I, however, am ready to move south. Doesn't have to be Florida - the Carolinas would be OK with me.

Many months ago, you offered me your witch’s hat dining room light when you got a new light fixture. I was wondering if it is still available and if you are still agreeable to giving it a new home?

Hi Claire,

Of course you can have it! It needs perhaps repainting. We weren’t sure what could be done with the interior of the cone since it is raw tin and somewhat rusted---. You might have an idea.

Snowbound here for the most part but that's ok with me. I really don't mind since I have no place I have to be. I hate worrying about Bill and everyone out driving around on the icy roads though.

Oak tree branches are coated with ice today. They look like sparkling glass with the sunlight shining through them at mid-day. They remind me of the glass reindeer my mother kept on her knick-knack shelves when I was a kid. Funny, just the other day I thought of a ceramic statue of "The Thinker", which I had made in college, and wondered where it had ended up. It once sat near the glass reindeer. Big memory day today---

Happy light day with a few dusty memories,


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  1. I'm all for light days and dusty memories! I've enjoyed a wander through your blogpages this afternoon, thanks!