Monday, January 24, 2011

Tears to Patch

My laundress is in her workroom
looking at tears to patch.
I see her there and wonder
why she won't throw up the latch
to bolt away from the dirty duds
and suds and floods of mud.

Emily at the age of three,
loves rhymes of the nur-ser-y.
To her I read this very week,
Cecily Par-sl-ey
A stone therein I think is found,
a step to my novel in play?

The bunny lass a bar maid was
I wonder why she ran
away from the gentlemen in Pen Inn;
whatever was her plan?
She brought her baggage in a cart
and carried a mystery in her heart.

Inspiration is a fascination;
Beatrix Potter, who’d have thought so?
My laundress might have done the same
if inclined to such she’d been so,
but apparently not says her history;
she was faithful to her lot.

Something there was though
that made up a puzzle
as she washed and patched the tears.
Passing her shuttle through the weave
to make a new tapestry,
she wove the tear asunder into new mystery.


  1. Inspiration comes from the starngest and most unexpected of places - sometimes we don't even know from where - a parallel universe? I like the idea of the mystery in her heart - the puzzle is the thing. Every novel needs one and patching tears is such a great metaphor.

  2. You are right of course. Plausability is the problem I am agonizing over at the moment.