Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tapestry of Voices

Sea Tongue
The last line of yesterday’s post read: “she wove the tear asunder into new mystery” ---a phrase blown out of a brainstorm ---

Follow the link below to listen to a marvelous, haunting video of Kevin Crossley-Holland’s poem, Sea Tongue. This circular tale of a warning bell and the old woman, who faithfully rings it, is mesmerizing. The poem is included in the book entitled The Outsiders.


  1. Amazing - another co-incidence. I know this poem, (I love it's title and its voice) and I know this coast. Was staying there this time last year working on a novel called 'Missing' which begins with Liv- my protagonist - standing at the water's edge and hearing the bell ring beneath the sea!

  2. No--- The poem gives me chills. I have read it and listened to the children perform it over and over. I keep pondering the change ringing and rounds;coming back to the same point as a kind of structure for our lives and possibilities for the novel.