Monday, January 31, 2011

The Estuary

Illustration by Michael Green, The Velveteen Rabbit,
1998, Running Press, Philadelphia, PA
Today I come into the estuary.
River of Stones current
meets the ocean tides.
Today is the last day ---
Is it the end?
Will I drown;
disappearing forever,
or become real
as the skin horse promised.

Tossed out,
dashed against stones,
left on the rubbish heap
behind the fowl house
to be burned.
Hours yet ‘til midnight;
Still time for the magic;
time left to become real.


  1. So pleased you listened in to The Writing Game! I think the interview with poet Maureen Almond was great and I'm glad it sent you in search of Horace.
    I think we must make sure the 'magic' of the small stones stay with us, we can't let it disappear.

  2. Yes, to be real! Lovely piece, Ann. I miss reading The Velveteen Rabbit to my children.