Thursday, January 20, 2011

Elements of Comfort

Water cascading over my body
warms in a cleansing caress.
Swirling steam succumbs to
spinning pinwheel of air – exhausted.

A force of water flows in circles
of conduit bearing its gift of heat
to rooms chilled by winter wind,
tinkling like sleigh bells on the way.

Fire hidden below stairs
in deep recesses of the house,
within the earth, dances to the turn
of a thermostat.


  1. A small stone to luxuriate in - warm and steamy - I love your dancing fire.

    Is your laundress hiding somewhere here - below stairs? I will definitely be following her progress

  2. Avril, I have gotten caught up in reading these many incredibly creative blogs, reconfiguring Knot In Line ad infinitum, small stones and so on; in other words procrastinating on the novel. The stones exercise is really helpful though and the writing plan you suggested is on my to do list --- yes, well I hear you--- Thanks