Monday, August 2, 2010

Refrigerator Notes

Dates and Other Bits:
They're tying the knot in September.
Maine vacation, June 26-July 10.
Think you can – Think you can’t
Note from a sweet neighbor:
caring for her gift of Colacasia Esculenta,
Elephant Ears.
Emily’s alphabet magnets:
E is for elephant with long sucking trunk;
J begins Jack on his magic beanstalk.
Lawn mower gas in blue container,
spout doesn’t work.

Sip ‘n Dip vs Santa’s Helper, Inc. 5:45.
Rough & Ready vs Dante’s Interior 6:45.
A begins apple so ripe and so red.
R is the rat that steals the bread.

Main Breaker:
Two weeks away.
Killed the main breaker---better safe---
Maine cool and sweet, the earth in sleep mode.
Home again, eight hour drive from Blue Hill.
Just getting dark, soupy humidity.
Box of blueberries and a hummingbird feeder on the step.
Open the door---
Ugh! What is that stench?
The fridge – Oh my God!
A putrid mass of rotted chicken, fish and beef.
How stupid! How sorry ---
Two hours of cleanup, lingering smell.
Fridge won’t re-start.
Oh God, add a thousand to the trip tally.
Baking soda, charcoal, coffee grinds.
Suck it up.
Why bother, isn’t it dead?
Maybe it’ll come back tomorrow---
rest, dry out, catch its’ breath.

New Day:
Call the service man
“Shouldn’t be a problem.
Plug it back in---probably shut down in defrost mode.”
Give it some time.
Still smells.
Couple more hours, more baking soda rinses.
More wringing of rags and hands.
Oh God – the fan whirs – its back!
Run out the door, arms waving, yell across the yard.
“We have Blast-Off!”
The earth spins again.
The world turns.

New Notes:
“Hummingbird food
¼ C sugar
1 C water
blueberries not washed yet”
From Claire & Don

Berries were moldy after seven days in the heat.
Flashy new flower for the Hummingbirds,
S is for sweet or for sour,
for safe or for sorry.

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