Friday, August 6, 2010

On the Bench

Do you remember the PC screen saver, back in the early 90s, which continuously scrolled the line “Where do you want to go today?” I loved that --- I fell for it ---. Funny thing is, I have no desire to actually go anywhere these days, quite the contrary, but flights of fancy are my greatest joy --- although payment is sometimes tendered in tears.

The young hawks are having a ball out there this morning --- like the Blue Angels at the air shows. Instead of whining engines, their high pitched whistles tangle around microwaves that prey silently in their midst. Over the housetop, through the fields, fancy maneuver in-and-out of the big blue spruce, then buzz a squirrel. They’re practicing --- showing off their killer skills.

The other afternoon I caught sight of them through the kitchen window. I’ve been wondering how many there are this year and there they were, four of them resting in contentment on my faux teak bench in the yard. What a sight --- one perched on each arm and two on the backrest. Binoculars – camera – picture through the window screen ---wonderful! Such pleasure right outside my window.

It occurred to me that, had I been outside, they wouldn’t have come near my bench. As it is they borrowed it for a few minutes’ respite from their antics. I wonder if they were thinking about their future missions, all their clowning behind them; or perhaps it was a council or a meeting of congress to discuss the new justice.

From my corner perch in the red wing chair I see the flag through the screen door, motionless this morning --- no breeze yet.

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