Monday, August 2, 2010

Life on the Line

It didn’t happen here
but found its way
through the phone line-
a stab of fear.

Hey, C topped my story –
(that’d be the bat he banged to death
in a waste basket last night with a broom) -
M had a Red-headed Woodpecker
in the house (voice smiling).
Oh no, B!
D caught it.
With his net?
No, his hands.
Oh no, B! Did it peck him? Is he ok?
What’d he do with it?
Put it in the bird cage with Beauty.
Oh no, B! Did it attack?
No-o-o-o (voice smiling), just sat there,
beauty and the beast.
Oh God, B! Then what?
R took him outside, let him go.
Oh God, B, my heart’s pounding.
I thought someone was hurt.

A little drama for pale blue Beauty.
A dashing stranger in her cage;
black waist-coat, red beret,
bayonet at the ready.

By the way
You lost a waste basket -
spattered with bat blood.
I put them out for the trash man.
The broom too.

Life on the line:
A five year old grandson,
grandfather, grandmother,
a wild bird --- a caged bird.
The old fear leering,
raising its beastly head to stab
again and again and again.

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