Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rip van Winkle Awakens in Westconnaug

Keeping pace with the news these days is a dizzying experience; things are changing drastically by the week, often faster! Since my last post on October 2nd, it seems there is a new world out there, not to mention a proposal for a new Town right here.

In fact, the buzzword of the day is "change". Although heard mostly from the bullhorns of politicians, the stark reality of the choke hold it already has on us is staggering! Having been ill this past winter, I spent an inordinate amount of time napping. When I spied my old woodchuck friend emerging from hibernation the other day, I had visions of Rip van Winkle. My furry little neighbor and I have awakened to a new Town that might soon be known by the name of Westconnaug. Or --- did we slip back in time to the year 1662 when the land now called Foster was named Westconnaug?

In 1662, the tract of land bought by three Providence proprietors (land developers/speculators---some things never change) from Narragansett sachems Newcome and Awashouse, was known as Wishquatnoke, a name soon anglicized to Westconnaug. Organization of the Westconnaug Company to apportion the land occurred in June, 1678. However, it was not until 1755 that the Providence Proprietors made their final division, and all lands included in the future town of Foster were apportioned. We ought not then to dismiss the proposed super town out of hand, falling back to sleep for the next several decades while change occurs right under our noses, with a snore our only comment---

We invite you to read about the historical Westconnaug and the proposed super town on our new "Current Events" web page at Wherein lies preservation?

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